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St. Louis Doula is the best doula agency around and exactly what you are looking for! You will find a doula that not only fits your desired doula prices, but fits all your needs. Call us today here at Doula St. Louis so we can get started on fulfilling all your wants and needs for you and your newborn!

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Welcome To Doula St Louis

Doula St. Louis MO understands that when we as individuals are going through big defining moments in our life, it’s best not to do it alone! We are willing and prepared to be by your side, as you and your spouse go through the joys and challenges of a newborn.

We are the best in the community and we will not disappoint you in what we can offer! We are ready to help during your pregnancy, during your labor, and even with postpartum doula care. Our company even offers services for end of life care with our end of life doula, or also known as death doula.

Why Choose Doula St. Louis?

St. Louis Doula is ready to exceed your expectations. We have made it our mission that our mothers, and their families, are constantly thrilled that they hired one of our doulas. We value that our families feel never ending support, know that they are number one priority, and feel secure with the ** of our doulas.

We are the best in our community because our doulas are trained to be professionals and experts at what they do. Our company excels in doula services, in anything and everything you or your family may need. We are the best “doula services near me” that you will find in your search engine, but stop there and let us do the rest! We have paired many mothers with their perfect doula fit, and we are ready to do it for you!

The best thing you can do for you and your baby is be prepared for your big day! To feel comfortable and excited and ready. St. Louis Doula can do that for you. In fact, we even guarantee it for you.

We value that:

  • Your doula is up to date in all trainings and certifications
  • Your doula will support you and your partner as the decision makers, in any decision you make
  • Your doula will be a compatible and comfortable fit for you and your family
  • Your doula is ready and prepared to ensure you and your family are emotionally and physically, as well as mentally prepared for a newborn

We have helped mothers and families over the years, get through pregnancy and labor and even postpartum care! We are the best in our community because of our oulas, and how they are trained and how they act and react in all situations! If you give us a call today, we can get you a free estimate for all that you are wanting and needing for your big day! We want to make sure you feel like you are being taken care through your whole pregnancy!

What To Expect From Doula St. Louis

Our mothers can rest assured they are the prime priority; they are, the newborn is and the immediate family is. We maintain a standard of care that fulfills all the mothers needs, in pregnancy, during labor and in postpartum. Our families can trust that our quality of service is impeccable: we are responsible, responsive and amazing at what we do. Contact us today so we can get started on working with your schedule.

We know how busy mothers can be at this stage of their life, and we want to work with you! Let us make a time for you to meet one of our doula, and see if it's a good fit. We would love to meet you wherever works for you, at your house, for a cup of coffee or even a walk around your neighborhood.

Our Services

Our company offers a variety of packages and services. We know you are looking for the best services and the ones that offer the most and the closest to your needs, and we can offer you that. We offer prenatal care, birth doula care, and postpartum/postnatal doula care. Get started with us today and we can go even more into depth about how we can make these packages work for you!

st louis prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Your doula will help you plan out your birth plan, every step you need assistance with

  • Your doula will be available to you for 24/7 support for any questions or concerns

  • Your doula is knowledgeable of a healthy diet for you and your baby

  • You doula will help you prepare for your labor day

  • Your doula is there to advise in any decision you need, or to just offer support

  • Your doula will help you and your family prepare not only physically but mentally and emotionally for this transition in life!
st louis birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Your doula will be there the day of your labor, wherever you are

  • Your doula is equipped with different positions to help you induce labor

  • Your doula is knowledgeable about holistic pain management

  • Your doula knows your wants and needs and will communicate that to your team

  • Your doula can offer you back massages and foot massages during labor

  • Your doula allows your partner or family member to stay by your side the entire time

  • Your doula is available to capture any moments you wanted to get on camera of you, your family and your newborn
st louis postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Your doula will help you and your family adapt to a newborn at home

  • Your doula will give you different feeding techniques, and help and support you with whichever you choose

  • Your doula can help meal prep for you and your family, when assistance is needed

  • Your doula can help with any errands, or light chores you as a mother need

  • Your doula will help you find a sleep schedule that works for you and your baby

  • Your doula allows you to take a shower while she watches the baby

  • Your doula can help you with any signs of postpartum depression

About St. Louis

St. Louis Missouri has a population that runs around 300,000 people. Their economy is based on aviation, biotechnology and chemicals! Known for two big things, which includes Beer and baseball! It also has a huge arch that is located in st. Louis, and is 630 feet tall! It is the world's tallest arch and is made of stainless steel! If that doesn't appeal to you, come by to try our famous toasted ravioli or our gooey butter cakes.

  • Hathaway Meadows, MO
  • National City, IL
  • East Saint Louis, IL
  • Venice, IL
  • Sauget, IL
  • Brooklyn, IL


“How much is a doula, what is the normal cost?”

A doula can vary per company, but doula st louis cost is a great price for the value! It's easy to stress over how much does a doula cost, but we are here to give you a free estimate today! Give us a call

“What's a doula, what does a doula do?”

A doula is a mother’s aid during pregnancy, labor and afterbirth. They help you plan a birth plan according to your wants, they help you get through the pains of labor, and they help you learn how to care for a newborn! Stop trying to google for yourself, “find a doula near me” or “doulas near me”, let us do the work for you, we will find the doula you need.

“Doula vs. midwife?”

Both support the child birthing experience, but a doula doesn't have the medical responsibilities that a midwife does. While the midwife focuses on the baby, the doula focuses on the needs of the mother!

“How can I find the best postpartum doula near me?”

It’s our job to find you the best fit for you and your needs. If you are looking for a postpartum doula, postpartum doula St. Louis is what you need! After care of you and the baby can be a lot to handle, but we have you covered with the best postpartum doulas.

“What are good questions to ask a doula before you hire them?”

You want to make sure your doula has the same views and values as you when it comes to birth and feeding/caring for your baby! It also can give you more comfort to know how many births they've done, or why they became a doula

“Does my doula replace my partner during labor?”

No! On the contrary, having a doula allows your partner to fulfill their role even better! They can stay by your side and comfort you and hold your hand, while your doula is running around for everything else! Whether it be ice chips or a back massage, your partner will never have to leave your bedside

"No! On the contrary, having a doula allows your partner to fulfill their role even better! They can stay by your side and comfort you and hold your hand, while your doula is running around for everything else! Whether it be ice chips or a back massage, your partner will never have to leave your bedside"

rachelle g

"My doula amazed me in every step of my pregnancy. My labor was a little much, I couldn't eat a lot of different things, and it was hard. But my doula got me through it, she gave me new ideas to try and eat, she was there when my water broke, and she was there taking pictures when my baby was born. So so thankful for her and everything she did."

Ada l

"Thank you to all the doulas out there, but especially mine. The first time I met my doula, she was an angel sent from above. She brightened up the room and made my pregnancy seem so much easier whenever she was there. I wanted to do a natural birth with no medications, and she supported me through all that. She gave me holistic pain management ideas, and she gave me comfortable positions to try too. I couldn't have done it without her there and her service."

Penny h

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You came to this site because you are either looking for the perfect doula, or maybe you are still unsure that you even need one. Doula St. Louis is here to show you why everything is better when we are there, we are here to show you we are the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today, let us make an appointment to get started on getting to know you and your personal needs. Let us get started not only on learning about them but also on fulfilling them! We are experts at what we do, let us show that to you and your family.

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